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for the dignity, rights & fair livelihoods of
domestic workers 

in South Africa


dynamic women to economic opportunities through micro-entrepreneurship



domestic workers alliance

“As domestic workers, we are present in [government] documents, but no one speaks for us.  Now we have formed a group to speak out together.  We won’t be invisible anymore.” 
-- Florence Sekolane
Izwi is a network of domestic workers in Johannesburg. We envision a society where domestic workers are treated with respect, equality and professionalism.

To do this, we assist workers to know and enforce their labour rights, build support networks, and access opportunities. Izwi has about 1000 members organized around 12 neighborhood groups, and a federated leadership structure, primarily in townships and low-income areas around Johannesburg.

Through Izwi Enterprise, we are piloting ways to support our neighbourhood groups and their members in building alternative livelihood opportunities. In these exceptional times of Covid-19, these groups have also become bases for food distribution, using their networks to identify those in need, and for launching local gardening projects through Izwi Grows.

Izwi began as a project of Dahlak Africa (formerly Dahlak Exchange), and is now evolving into a legally independent venture. For more information, check out Izwi's website.



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